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Hey I’m Dave Huss, since 2011 I’ve been helping successful online entrepreneurs acquire new customers and increase sales from their existing audience using Paid Traffic and Retargeting.

I’ve found what works for my clients, and specialize on:

  • Google Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (ads show next to Google Searches)
  • Web Retargeting Campaigns (ads follow your visitors around the web).
  • Facebook Retargeting Campaigns (ads follow your visitors on Facebook).

I believe Paid Traffic is the fastest and most profitable way to drive new sales for great products and Retargeting is the best way to stay front-of-mind for potential customers.

Here’s some of the results I’ve helped to create:

  • Use Adwords to increase niche Keybox ecommerce monthly revenue from $2000 to $9300 in one month.
  • Double Adwords conversions for Valet ecommerce store while cutting ad spend in half in one month.
  • Increase email opt-ins and website sales from past visitors with Retargeting (DC Only Case Study Link).

And if you are interested in growing your revenue with PPC or Retargeting:

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But how did I get to be the “Paid Traffic Guy”?

That story involves stumbling onto an overnight business success, a lawsuit, and flying halfway around the world to work for two guys because of a blog post.

I read the Four Hour Workweek in my senior year of university, and right then I decided to be an entrepreneur and build a life on my own terms. The majority of the business ideas I tried failed, but I had the persistence to keep on trying.

One of my business ideas was promising – it was a walkthrough guide showing how to get a high score in a university business exam. I had taken the exam myself and surveyed my fellow classmates to find their pain points. I designed an easy to follow guide that directly addressed the needs of my target student market, and the response was hugely positive for my product.

The only problem was that I had this great product, but didn’t know how to reach all my potential customers – all the other hundreds of thousands of students around the world taking this exam. So I devoured as much online marketing knowledge as I could about copywriting, adwords, seo, pricing, conversion optimization, and more.

To test product demand I wrote my first sales page before I had even finished the whole guide… and 3 people tried to purchase it within the first day it was live.

I was blown away by the success.

Here were 3 people I had never met in my life that believed in me and my product enough to pull out their credit card and pay me real money. As any entrepreneur would tell you, getting that first sale had a huge emotional impact.

After the first sale, then I wanted to get even more customers and scale as quickly as possible. Pay-per-click advertising seemed like the fastest way to get in front of new qualified customers, so I carefully studied how to set up an Adwords account, how to determine the best target keywords, and how to optimize bids to get the highest return on ad spend.

I launched my first Adwords campaign and within the same day had 2 more conversion sales of my guide. The next few weeks I continued to expand my Adwords campaign and quickly scaled my revenue up to a steady $3000 per month.

I couldn’t be happier and it seemed like my dream of being able to live and work where I wanted was finally coming true. All the hard work was finally paying off.

But then some cracks started showing.

I received a notice from the company who produced the exam that said I must take down my website or they would sue me for copyright and trademark infringement. I sought legal counsel and my lawyer told me that it “should” be ok for my 3rd party guide business to continue since it was “fair-use”.

So I continued with the business and things were amazing for a few weeks. I even got the chance to meet Tim Ferriss in NYC and tell him about my online business and my plans to travel to Thailand. I was on top of the world, my dreams were coming true.


Then the very next day I received a notice from the exam company… they were going to sue me.

I was getting sued for my online business.

What my lawyer glossed over and I found out the hard way is that if you claim fair-use you better be prepared to defend it in court. That means months or years of legal discourse and tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees or more.

I was just some punk college kid who started a small online business and here was an 800lb gorilla coming to squash me with a lawsuit.

The next few months were some of the darkest in my life as I saw all the hard earned money from my guide business evaporate in expensive legal fees and I was forced to settle out of court.

I hit rock bottom… my business, my dreams, everything I had spent the past year of my life working on was taken away from me in a flash.

All I had left were the skills and experience gained from building my own business.

When one door closes…

Shortly after my business shut down, I found out about an entrepreneurship and online business blog called “TropicalMBA”. They posted an internship offer for someone skilled with online marketing to go to Bali, Indonesia and grow their ecommerce businesses.

I was determined to get that internshp no matter what. My back was against the wall and there was no backup plan.

I knew competition would be fierce and so I had to stand out. I leveraged Ramit Sethi’s Earn1K interview and client techniques to truly understand Dan and Ian’s mindset and business pain points:

  • I combed through old Tropical MBA blog posts to see Dan’s writing style and what was on his mind.
  • I listened to their Lifestyle Business podcast episodes to get clues for what online business problems they were dealing with.
  • I even asked Ian early in the process if he could link me to their ecommerce websites so I could take a look.
  • I spent hours planning out my application blog post and recorded my application video many times to get it just right.
  • Just before the first set of interviews I sent them my marketing plan outlining the actual steps I would take to grow their ecommerce revenue.

By that time I knew Dan and Ian were looking for someone who was motivated, needed little management, and could get results (make them more money).

In the interview Dan and Ian were impressed because I didn’t just talk a big game, I had actually got my hands dirty and built a $3000 monthly revenue business in half a year.

I beat out 49 applicants to secure that Tropical MBA internship in Bali, Indonesia because I demonstrated that I got real results and showed how I would get real results for their business as well.

The Tropical MBA “Paid Traffic Guy”

By late April 2011 I was on the ground in Bali and my first project was to increase sales of their dropshipping ecommerce site selling large Keyboxes.

This ecommerce site had stagnated at around $2000 in monthly revenue. I did extensive research on the target customer audience, analyzed keywords for new revenue oppotunities, and built a new optimized Adwords campaign.

The following month of May 2011 the Keybox ecommerce site grossed $9300 monthly revenue with just $730 in ad spend.

In June 2011 I went on to optimize the Adwords campaign for their Valet ecommerce business and doubled sales while halving ad spend:

Before (month of June):


After (month of July):



Growing Revenue for Other Entrepreneurs as the “Paid Traffic Guy”

In the 3 years since then I’ve continued working with Dan and Ian and I’ve also helped many other entrepreneurs with amazing products or services reach new qualified customers and grow their revenue with paid traffic and retargeting.

If you want to learn more about my results for past clients, see my Testimonials.

Listen to my Podcast Interviews to hear my approach to growing revenue with paid traffic and common mistakes entrepreneurs make that lose them money with paid advertising.

And if you are interested in growing your revenue with PPC or Retargeting:

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